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Has it really been 2 weeks since I posted last? Here I was gonna keep this fun momentum going because there are so many exciting things happening! And you know what? I didn’t. Please forgive me? I’m going to jump right into all this because there are so many things to say!

Photo by Nikki from Pennies On A Platter. Thank you, Nikki!

Food Blogger Bakesale

The LA branch of the Food Blogger Bakesale, organized by Gaby Dalkin, was a huge sugary success! Benefitting Share Our Strength, Saturday’s bakesale was crowded, fun, energetic, and raised over $2000.00 to help end childhood hunger. It was great seeing so many friends (some twice in 1 week, for me that is RARE, heck, for anyone who lives in Los Angeles that’s rare) and participating in such a worthwhile event. The biggest gesture of gratitude goes to Gaby for tirelessly organizing the event and also to BLD for hosting it.

Photos by Rick Motzkus


On A Stick! Book Party

Fifty of our closest friends and family joined us at Border Grill for a celebration of the release of On A Stick! For those of you who made it amid all the craziness of a busy spring season, I truly thank you and I love you and your support means the world to me. Thank you for being there. And a special thanks to Border Grill for such delicious nibbles all served on a stick, naturally! I love Mary Sue and Susan, I love Leah and Peter, I love Border Grill and typing this at 6am makes me want some guacamole and sangria!

Sidenote: Yes, I realize that I get to hang out with the World’s Most Gorgeous Women and this photo proves it. Hotness times a million billion trillion. And each of these amazing women are as equally beautiful on the inside. I am so lucky!

Speaking of the book…there are book winners!

Ok, over 700 people left comments for the On A Stick! book giveaway. I AM COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS! SEVEN HUNDRED PLUS. And while I wish I had cases of cases of books to giveaway (I really wish I did, seriously!) I only have a few to share. To the winners: Nisrine, Katie, Allison, Ellie, Stacy and Lisa, your books will go out soon!

I also did a book giveaway on Design*Sponge, thank you Grace and Kristina! Winners will be announced shortly there as well!

A review

Speaking of the book again, here’s a lovely review of On A Stick! by the LA Weekly‘s food blog Squid Ink.. It’s an honor to even have it reviewed by LA Weekly and the one and only Jenn Garbee.


I’ve had friends send me snapshots of On A Stick! on display (thank you Powell’s in Portland, thank you Joe!) And now it’s not only at Barnes & Noble but also Urban Outfitters. Which makes me wanna grab a lomo and some Ray Bans and get all hip on your ass. Oops, sorry about that. Thank you, Urban Outfitters!

Powell's in Portland. Thank you Joe! We love you!

Savannah Bound

We are heading to Savannah tomorrow for a bit of fun and some running around. I fully plan on taking the Paula Deen tour and heck, maybe I’ll even show up at her doorstep and beg and annoy her into letting take a tour personally. I wanna see where the buttery magic happens. If you have any Savannah recommendations please do let me know! And yes, I’ll be missing BlogHer Food this year, I hope everyone enjoys the conference!


Speaking of running around…

Here’s a little video we made of a smoothly-operated photo shoot at our studio. Everything came together and there were no freakouts, no set collapses, no plate breakages, nada! Since everyone always asks me what happens on the set of a food shoot, well, now you can check it out for yourself!



  1. says

    On A Stick! looks like a great, fun, cooking read. Can’t wait to get my copy and work my way through it. Really looking forward to testing out some of the recipes.

  2. says

    There was a bloggers bake sale ?! I am so bummed I missed it :-(
    Urban Outfitters is the perfect place to have your book, way to go!

  3. says

    Matt thanks for the great post!

    I participated in the San Diego chapter of Gaby’s bake sale…except I dropped my baked goods off a day early and took off to Aruba for 3 weeks, which is where I am now. Have fun in Savannah! And I hope you and Paula D can meet up :)

    I love the video. And again, major congrats on your book! I saw Marla mention the release party on her blog. Congrats and you deserve all the success in the world!

  4. Renee says

    I’m a huge fan of Share Our Strength and all the work they do. I wanted to host a bake sale this year, but life just got away from me. Next year for certain!

    And I am tickled pink about your book! Many, many congrats!

    P.S. That is a really serious iron you have in your studio!

  5. Ted says

    I got my book in the mail this weekend. All I can say is AWESOME! Eveything looks amazing. Great job.

  6. says

    While in Savannah – make sure to get a praline from the candy shop down on River Street! They are the BOMB DIGGITY! And the honey shop – can’t think of the name but something like the Savannah Bee Company is also amazing. And completely tacky and touristy, a drink from Wet Willies… Enjoy!

  7. says

    My copy arrived in the mail today. Love it! I looked through it before dinner, and boy wast that a mistake! I wanted to try every recipe in there. I think I’ll be make those melon mojito pops very soon!

  8. Jane in CA says

    So, Matt, for those of us who didn’t win (congrats to those who did!!) what’s the process for getting a signed copy? Buy one, send it to you with a SASE and some extra cash for you to a) donate to a worthy cause; or b) buy a lovely cocktail? (I’m totally up for sending enough to do both.)
    p.s. @Jen: did you coin the phrase “BOMB DIGGITY”, or am I seriously out of the loop? Either way, I’m working it into my vocabulary.

  9. says

    Jane – my daughter says it all the time, but it’s so much fun to say, and works on everything from chocolate to shoes, to food on a stick!

  10. says

    The bake sale was fantastic! I loved the goodies I bought and just wish I could’ve tried one of everything there. Thanks for working so hard to help put this together, Matt!

    @Jen and @Jane – I just used “bomb diggity” in my post yesterday and didn’t think anyone else said it anymore. Glad I’m not the only one. :)

  11. says

    I’m sad I missed the bake sale to see you guys again, but congrats on your book. It looks great, and I can’t wait to get my own copy. Loved the a day at the studio-video and saw Nancy in there, to! Hi Nancy!!!
    Safe travels to Savannah!

  12. Jen Perry says

    Savannah might be my favorite place on earth!! (I went to SCAD) I think you should hit:

    Vinny Van Go-Gos in City Market for giant slices of pizza and great sweet southern iced tea
    The Crab Shack out on Tybee Island
    The little greek place whose name I cannot recall (if it is still there) on River Street
    Gallery Espresso is a great stop for bites and coffee to fuel up on caffeine so you can keep going!
    The Savannah Tea Room
    and try to take a tour of SCAD!! It would be a great place for you and your man to do some speaking about food photography and styling!!! the photo department is huge and their facilities are great.

    Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  13. says

    Good on you for all the wonderful and exciting stuff going on. I want your book and will buy it soon. I love anything on a stick, and I buy sticks just to put things on. I was going to enter my comment to get one of your books, but when I saw how many comments you already had I lost heart, but then thought wow, this dude rocks! 700 comments because people want your book. That is so amazing! Looking forward to the Savannah pics.

  14. Steve says

    Congrats, congrats, congrats again on the book! So awesome.
    Also, this video is AWESOME! Love seeing how you guys work. This is so great.

  15. says

    I don’t know if I am the Katie that won, but I hope so!!!

    I love this cookbook concept. It is so cool and new, in a world of similar cookbooks. Bravo to you!

  16. Clara says

    Have fun in Savannah!! I go to the art college here (SCAD) and love every minute of this city! Go to River Street and Tybee for sure! Also, hit up the Wilkes House (if you have time to wait), it’s on Bull and Jones streets. And for breakfast OH MY GOSH go to J. Christopher’s on Drayton and Liberty streets. Get some crunch cakes. They do a fantastic job there.

    Also! On Broughton street (downtown), hit up Leopold’s ice cream! They are the oldest ice cream parlor in Savannah (and I think in GA!) and they handmake ALL of their ice cream! Ugh, delish.

  17. says

    can’t wait to hear more about the savanah trip! great video – now you need to do the same with the camera pointed at adam in the kitchen :-)

  18. says

    We missed ya big time at Blog Her Food this year! Just got your On a Stick book last week in the mail and just LOVE it. My son took it to bed w/ him the other night and is trying to decide what he’d like to make first. So great that you’ve inspired him to make something on a stick! Congrats on all of your fun news!

  19. says

    Just wanted to let you know that I just posted a review of The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches (you’re too prolific; I’m behind in checking out your book list) back on my blog and wanted to congratulate you on such awesome food photography! Your enthusiasm for deliciousness really shows in your tempting photos.

    Can’t wait to check out “On a Stick!”

  20. says

    I’m so sad that I missed this!!! There’s nothing better than baking, unless it;s for a great cause! I will surely watch for this next time, and have something oooey-gooey bakesale ready for sure. :)


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