Izabo “Summer Shade” Music Video

Ok, just in time for summer comes this music video from the band Ibazo. I found out about it when the director Eran Shushu Spanier emailed and asked me to check it out. Needless to say I completely fell in love with the tune and the video and I really want everyone to check it out. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at an ice cream cone the same way again but that’s fine with me! Eran took a few minutes to graciously answer some questions about the band and the video. Check it out after the video!

Grab a seat, turn up your speakers and check it out!

Matt: OH MY GOODNESS. I love this video. The music, the colors, the kids, the direction, the ice cream, the mustaches, all of it! It’s awesome!!!!

Shushu: Wow! My mother didn’t give me as many compliments as you!

Matt: What?! She didn’t? Well she better. She must. This is the most fun and snappiest video I think I’ve seen in years. Years!

Shushu: I’ll let her know, lol…

Matt: How did you become involved with the band?

Shushu: My sister gave me their CD way back and I really liked their music. Then 2 years ago I had an idea for a music video using iphones. I hadn’t any experience in direction (as I am a copywriter) but I decided to give it a chance. And so I got the band members’ number and set up a meeting. They loved the idea and from here to there this video was born.

And so, this year they wanted me to come up with a new idea for their Summery song from their upcoming album and that’s how the mustached ice creams were born.

Matt: What amazing direction, truly! Where did the idea come from?

Shushu: Well, ice cream is practically a major food group for me and even though I don’t have a mustache (girlfriend doesn’t approve), I think it’s a really awesome thing. So I just put oneย  and one together…

Matt: Where did you film the video?

Shushu: We filmed it here in Israel, in downtown Tel-Aviv. All the children and the crazy mustached Ice Cream Man all came voluntarily as we didn’t have much budget.

Matt: Were you able to eat tons and tons of gelato and ice cream?

Shushu: Oh yes! The ice cream (23kg) and the ice cream factory was given to us for free (!!!) by an amazing guy that runs one of the most amazing ice cream places in Tel-Aviv called Vanilglia. Yet because it was a hot day we needed to make face ice cream out of mashed potatoes and artificial colors.

Matt: Oh yes, the good old fake ice cream in the summer sun recipe! Shushu, thank you so much and now I think I need to plan a visit to Tel-Aviv and Vanilglia! Thank you!



  1. says

    I love the video, Matt!

    Thanks for making me smile :)

    I just got home from a photography workshop in Mexico City and I thought about the workshop with you from a few months ago so many times. I hope you do more soon :)

  2. says

    matt, if you ever come to Israel, i hereby cordially invite you and adam to a 10-course dinner at my house in tel aviv!! your blog is one of my best faves ever, and it’s so neat that you wrote about Izabo!


  3. Estee says

    Vanilglia is the best icecream place in Tel Aviv. If you decide to come, I have like a gazillion recs for the best food around :)

  4. Corinne says

    Sad to see so many overweight kids, particularly the one with the T-shirt :Eat dessert first! Food for thought!

  5. G says

    I love Vanilglia ice-cream! They have such beautiful, amazing flavours. I live in Jerusalem and always wait for an opportunity to get to Tel-Aviv just for the ice cream.
    Love the music video, such a great find!

  6. Tamar Katz says

    Hey Matt,
    I love that you wrote about Izabo and Tel aviv in your blog! I love your blog too, and I even used your great tips while being in buenos aires this year. I can’t wait to see your travel notes on Tel aviv or anywhere else in Israel- I think you’ll find the food and atmosphere fantastic:)

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