Cheese Shop at the OC Mart Mix and That Sandwich

Dear ever-so-helpful nice gentleman at Cheese Shop at The OC Mart Mix,

It is not my intention to take the sandwich you served us and make it my own. No way. But from that first bite it was difficult to get it out of my head. I might even say it’s the perfect sandwich. A triple cream cheese, Marcona almonds, a drizzle of honey, that perfect baguette, they’re all just so damn perfect together. And I completely understand your point of it being the perfect picnic sandwich; it’s perfect on the warm side, perfect on the chilly side. How many sandwiches can claim that?

Did I mention you have a marvelous store inside that groovy food mall in Costa Mesa? Yep, you do.

My Latest Favorite Sandwich

You don’t need a recipe for this. Take a baguette, slice it in half, layer a few slices of a triple cream brie, scatter some marcona almonds on top, then drizzle with honey. Place bread on top and dig in. It’s that simple. And do me this one favor: taste it first and marvel in its simplicity before you try to get all fancy and add anything else. It doesn’t need it.


  1. Tres Amie says

    Ohhhh, Yummy! Add a slice of perfectly ripe pear or some fig jam, or even go for a great prociutto if you ever want a bit of a change :)

  2. says

    I can’t even begin to imagine how good that cheese is, the bread is distracting me. That baguette looks life changing.

  3. Debbi says

    Matt, I’m trying to find a really old looking (well used) cutting board for my stock images. Do you have any ideas where to find one, or even make a new one look old?

  4. says

    Cheese, nuts, and honey… my favorite combo. This looks DELICIOUS, and I am tempted to wander on up (from San Diego) to visit this groovy food mall.

  5. says

    I LOVE Brie and bread but to tell the truth I have never poured honey over Brie but it sounds really decadent! Maybe even a piece of fruit of some kind as well like a strawberry. I have some Gorgonzola in the fridge I think I will try this tonite with the Gorgo!

  6. matt says

    Just dont ask an ingredient question or you will get massive attitude from the not so friendly-ill informed female behind the counter. When asked if the cheese contained animal rennet, a look of “seriously…why would you ask such a question” was served up with “the cheese is dairy so what difference does it make?” Will not go back. Surprised by the attitude.

  7. Matt says

    @Matt: Well that certainly sounds disappointing. I’d hope that any cheese clerk would be thrilled to engage in the rennet question (animal? vegetarian? ) as it’s pretty fascinating, not to mention that it helps people make their food choices when purchasing products. Perhaps it was a bad day… we all have ’em.

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