Huffington Post’s Food Informants: A Week In The Life Of Food Stylist Adam Pearson

Well whaddayaknow? It’s Adam Pearson in the Huffington Post. It’s a pretty glamorous life as long as you consider working every single day and smelling like fried fish the epitome of successful living. But enough of my ranting, make sure to read the article to see what really happens in the life of a food stylist!


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    Wow, congratulations to Adam for being featured in this great series on the Huffington Post. What a week! I love how the passion for his work shines through each day. And I hope he did find the prickly pears after all?

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    Adam, how you keep up the pace is amazing. You could never do it if you did not love it! Loved the time lapse. Wish I could slow it down to watch. If you are ever short handed…please let me work with you and the team. Loved shooting the cookbook last summer. What a blast for 8 days! Hugs to you and Matt.

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