Explore Like A Local: Canadian Trailblazer Contest!

Howdy folks! Give me my camera and a notepad, set me loose in Halifax, Nova Scotia, throw in a fantastic dose of social media and your requests and what do you get? The Canadian Trailblazer Contest, part of the Explore Like A Local campaign from the Canadian Tourism Commission and Travel + Leisure magazine. And if you enter, you might win a trip of a lifetime.

And if you remember my last involvement with the program last year in Vancouver, I don’t need to tell you that it literally was the trip of a lifetime. One of the highlights of the year, actually!

First, how about a lil video? Don’t laugh.

Now here’s where things get really interesting. When you visit my Trailblazer web site you can recommend places in Halifax for me to visit. And I’ll visit them! I’ll report back through photos in all the usual places (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) to let you know how they are and answer any questions if I can. I’m looking forward to eating and drinking the best Halifax has to offer, so hop on over and tell me where to go, will ya?

I’ll be leaving this weekend and I’ll be there all next week. I’m really looking forward to your suggestions and ideas. And you could win a trip!

Let’s keep up with each other, shall we? My stuff: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: Mattbites


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