Halifax, Nova Scotia

by Matt on June 13, 2012

So what can I say about my first day in Halifax? It’s nice. And before you say “Nice? That’s all?” I want to back up and say that I mean it in the strongest sense of the word, not in a “well I don’t have anything else to say so nice is a good harmless word” way.

I’m guilty of overusing the word, rendering it pretty bland. That’s not how I mean to use it here.

When I say nice I mean this: friendly, courteous, polite, jovial, approachable, wonderful, beautiful. Nice. From top to bottom. And it’s a place where one can feel at ease, walk around, take in stunning views and meet gracious residents along the way. It’s a contrast to the hurried urban scenes I usually explore.

And it’s also delicious.

In my first day I’ve sampled fantastic coffee, amazing pastry, deliciously local ingredients, and even a glass (or two) of wine from the area. I plan on full reports shortly, but I’m thrilled to be exploring Halifax like a local, taking in all the sites and sounds of this very special place. I’m so happy to be here.

Oh Canada, I love you!

More soon!