My favorite places in Nova Scotia

Well folks, I wanted to share with you the two places in Nova Scotia that really left a big impression on me. Truth be told, all of them did, every single place. But these two places were so fantastic that I just had to write about them all by their little happy selves.  And they really couldn’t be more on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I’ll explain it in just a few.

John’s Lunch

They say they’ve been serving the best seafood since 1969 and something tells me they ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. This is the place of my dreams, the type of restaurant that serves no frills and is packed with local flavor. It’s a landmark and as I type this I am a) crying and b) starving because I am obsessed with their Fried Haddock Tips and Fried Clams. It’s old school of the highest order, and when you travel the world eating course after course of precious food you need moments like this to bring you back to earth. It’s soul food, pure and simple. Not to mention it’s a pretty salty and crunchy (WHICH MEANS HEAVENLY) way to sample the local seafood.

Hey, did I mention I am obsessed with the Fried Haddock Tips and Fried Clams? Did I?

As luck would have it, I guess I was a little too vocal in my love and admiration of the fried seafood that was in front of me as we were offered another heaping mound of fried clams. Just cuz. “Here, you get to eat the mistakes”.  Mistakes? Hardly.

I’d hop on a plane tomorrow just to eat here.



Tangled Garden

I’d also hop on a plane to visit Tangled Gardent, located about an hour outside of Halifax. This store featured handcrafted condiments like jams, jellies, chutneys, vinegars, mustards and liqueurs all made with fruits and herbs that they grow in the back of the shop. But it’s not your regular “out back” kind of garden: this is a labyrinth of paths and passageways that fill your senses. It’s simultaneously relaxing and invigorating, with playful touches that make you feel as if there’s some magic happening here. It’s hard to explain but I was definitely enchanted here in a way I haven’t been in quite some time. It’s just magical.

I also know where my holidays gifts will be coming from this year :)


  1. says

    Nova Scotia is one of the places that seems very fascinating to me. Have seen lot of photographs of the coast in general.. have you been there yet?

    Thanks for sharing these images… Reminds me that I need to put this on my list of vacation destinations.


  2. kelly says

    Wow! Just discovered your site and happy I did. For some reason those pictures you captured of the gardens made me a bit teary. Would love to visit. Thanks for sharing.

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