Set those DVRs! Me-N-Paula = Oh My God

Dear friends, if you’re not doing anything this Saturday morning you can turn on your television and watch me a) cooking b) actin’ a fool c) trying to keep it together in the presence of Paula Deen. Ok, actually maybe they edited  c) out of the show, I don’t know. You never know what happens until you see the show.

Here’s the official show description:

There’s a party in the kitchen today, y’all! Paula Deen and her new friend Matt Armendariz are whipping up the perfect party bites to make any party an absolute blast. This shindig heats up with Paula’s delightfully flakey Hot Dog and Bacon Bundles and continues with Matt’s playfully delicious Chicken and Waffles. And, of course, no party would be complete without gooey finger-licking S’mores With Homemade Marshmallows. Now that’s a party, y’all!

As much of a ham as I am, I always feel like I’m going to pull a Cindy Brady moment whenever I’m in front of a camera. You know what I’m talking about? That little brat walked around telling EVERYONE how she was gonna be on tv, how hot she thought she was, that diva in polyester and pigtails, but when that little red light came on she was a TOTAL CHICKEN! So I can never tell how I’ll come across. If I do appear quiet, please be nice to me and realize that standing next to Miss Paula is a pure joy and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. But I ain’t gonna lie, I was nervous.

So yea, if you have nothing better to do watch me and Paula make some really fun recipes from my book On A Stick! Here are the air dates on Food Network:

  • Jun 30, 201210:00 AM ET/PT
  • Jul 02, 20125:00 PM ET/PT
  • Jul 09, 201212:00 PM ET/PT

And never let it be said that I’m not a party, y’all!

P.S. Meet me in person and I can tell you about all the backstage shenanigans. But only in person. Long story short: I freaking LOVE Paula Deen. And Brandon. And her entire crew.



  1. says

    I’m looking forward to seeing the broadcast. I’m a big fan of both you and Paula. I have your book “ON a Stick” and love it!! and I have a picture of myself with that same life size cut out of Paula, took the picture a few years ago when I was at her restaurant in Savannah, so this photo of you with Paula here brought back some warm and fuzzy feelings….thanks for sharing. Besos!!

  2. says

    I’ve seen you in various blogs (Steamy Kitchen and White on Rice Couple), but never commented. Not a fan of Paula, but will watch to see how you do s’mores. It’ll be great for a family reunion. I’m guessing the show is on Food Network, right?

  3. Marianne says

    Love your blog Matt.. but I am no longer in anyway supporting Paula, she’s rude in person, hurt my feelings when I stood in line to see her, her book is packed away, I gave all but the last cookbook to my son. Had to keep the newest book because Mom gave it as a gift. Really enjoy your blog!!! Get on Pioneer Woman.. Rea is fantastic!!!

  4. Adela says

    Just watched the show. You were great and the recipes outstanding and looked delicious. Congrats!

  5. says

    Hey Matt!! I already saw you on TV with Paula last night!! There was a promo on the Food Network, and I hit pause – “OMG, it’s Matt…with Paula Deen!”

    I freakin love it ; ) Can’t wait to see the show, and I assure you, Matt Armendariz, you are no Cindy Brady!


  6. says

    i caught the show and you were AWESOME! I didn’t see a single nerve at all – thought you held your own with her and she looked like she was having a ball with you :) nicely done!

  7. says

    Ha! I love that picture! you’re on the DVR and will watch it when I have the time. I’m so busy! :) Can’t wait to see the show. BTW, I have broken out the mojito melon on skewers from your book many MANY times to fantastic praise. Most requested potluck item so far this year!

  8. says

    Matt, I’m lending Adam a HAND right now (I’m the hand model on today’s shoot). I’m also a blogger and food enthusiast, and I’m laughing out loud and drooling! Your blog is FANTASTIC!

  9. says

    Matt, I think you and Paula need to get together more often!! It was a riot to watch. I especially loved all the fun with the Paula cutout! :)

  10. says

    Hey Matt,

    I saw the Paula Dean episode, you were super cute and did really well on the show. Not to mention that recipe looked amazing. If only I had the guts to make marshmallows…

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