Tasting Australia! Part 2

Part 2 of a series about this world class event held in Adelaide, South Australia.

My days in Australia start the same, no matter what is on the agenda: with a Flat White. For the rest of the world yet to embrace this coffee drink, let me tell you how perfect it is. Similar to a latte but using the microfoam that isn’t scalded, this velvety, smaller drink reminds me of a basic cafe con leche you’d find in Spain or Argentina but with a much naturally sweeter flavor from the heated milk. IT IS PERFECT. And I miss it, although I have heard from friends that they are slowly trickling into American coffee culture. Please hurry. Please.

Who doesn’t love a Farmers Market? Such an excellent opportunity to see the local produce, meet growers, and get a sense of what the community is all about. My visit to the Willunga Farmers Market was an excellent way to experience the local flavor and experience all that was fresh and seasonal. Now in its 10th year, the Willunga Farmers Market was the very first farmers market in South Australia and from the looks of it it will be going on for decades and decades. I couldn’t help but stock up on some Blue Gum and Mangrove Honey, which tastes like nothing else you will ever taste. Blue Gum, a eucalyptus, imparts that distinct medicinal note into the honey, creating a very herbally taste that blew my socks off. Talk about local!

The baker above could clearly sense the fact that I hadn’t eaten in at least 8 hours and insisted I take a baguette with me. Between the amazing loaf and a few slices of venison chorizo (yes, venison chorizo!) my breakfast was all set.

After a few hours at the farmers market and chatting with Billy Doecke, the assistant market manager, it was time to head to McLaren Vale’s Coriole Vineyards for a quick lesson from Mark Lloyd about olive oils.

After learning about this family owned and operated vineyard that produces wine, oil, vinegars and verjuice, we headed to Producers for a quick lesson in cheesemaking.

Producers is a glistening airy building designed by architect Max Pritchard that’s surrounded by vineyards and expansive views.  At Producers you can take a class, sample local wines, enjoy lunch and marvel at the best the area as to offer. In addition to making fresh mozzarella we also made fresh pasta which became our lunch. You can’t get any more local than that.

You might think all this wine talk would leave the beerheads feelng no love,  but you’d be wrong about that thanks to Jeff Goodieson, owner of Goodieson’s Brewery. Oh, I could sigh a million times about this place, I really could. Just a big open air microbrewery that begs you to hang out, enjoy his deliciously crafted beer, and possibly order another. In what might only make sense to my fellow Texans, there is quite a strong South Austin vibe about this place that made it hard to leave.

Plus they have Jennifer the goat. I love her.

Happy from a gorgeous day and delicious beer, I made my way back to Adelaide for a night of rest before heading to Feast for the Senses, Tasting Australia’s Public Event. Trust me when I tell you I’ve been to a million food festivals and this? At the top.

Well organized with a convivial spirit, I spent the afternoon taking in food demos, talking to food and winemakers, and eating the best of South Australia, all while strolling along the river. And I had more wine, can you believe it?


  1. Caitlin says

    Oh Matt, as an Adelaide girl currently living in Singapore, you have made me so homesick! You perfectly captured that sunset off Willunga. How I miss the coffee, food, wine and the scenery of home.


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