Boo! Country Living October 2012

Psst. Go buy the latest issue of Country Living magazine, will you? October 2012, to be exact! We wrote, styled, and photographed a feature on indulgent upgrades for candy apples, and yes, it features our spooky apples from a few years back! It was fun to recreate them, but if you want to know my favorite it’s those Triple Dipped S’More Apples. MY NEW FAVE. Buy the magazine for the recipe, it’s on newsstands now and also available for ipads!

Apples waiting for their close-ups; notes, napkins, tables


The set of the spooky apples, in which I used all the same things from the original shot years ago. Call me the Reflection Wranger (all the black curtains help control all the light and reflections).


  1. says

    So pretty and subdued in that fall kind of way. Beautiful, actually. Love seeing Adam’s styling too. Thanks for the peek behind the magic. :)

  2. says

    Wow! what an awesome spread in a cool magazine. You must be thrilled, I love the pull backs so thanks for that. Reflections can be tricky and this is a trick I can use in the future

  3. Martha Rose says

    SO COOL!!! I think I really fell for you and your blog with the original post. I still lust for those black Juliska goblets!!!

  4. Maria says

    Does anyone know where to find the awesome glass and brass mugs featured on page 104 of the october 2012 issue? They are shown in the recipe section with “spiked pear cider” in them. They are unusual and I covet them! I emailed the editor with no response.

  5. says

    Matt! LOVE these apples. Anything S’mores is fantastic in my book. I really enjoy this behind the scenes look into your world…the creativity never ends with you, you are so inspiring! I’m gonna get this issue!

  6. Amy Jo Nicholson says

    i have never been more inspired to go outside and gather every stick in my yard. parents, bribe your kids with these apples…your yard will be cleared of fallen tree limbs within an hour. THIS IS FABULOUS! <3


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