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January 2013

Honeyed Apple–Peanut Butter Tart

by Matt on January 24, 2013

Many projects I work on have a moratorium on sharing. Sometimes by me, other times by the publisher or editor who usually lets me know when I can start blabbing about it. Sometimes the lead times are long (a year or two in advance!), other times I just have to wait a month or two [...]


Winter Citrus, Revisited. Again.

by Matt on January 17, 2013

There’s really not much left I can say about citrus. Particularly, how I feel about citrus. I’ve talked about it for years via my annual citrus round-up, and if I had my way I’d probably write a whole damn cookbook on citrus fruit. I totally would. I think I’ve run out of words to describe [...]


Teddy The Talking Porcupine

by Matt on January 12, 2013

Hey, he’s eating corn. It’s relevant. And even if it wasn’t, you can’t help but falling in love with this cute little prickly fella. I LOVE HIM.  


The Beginning

by Matt on January 5, 2013

There’s no reason for this post, other than to share a few images. We spent the first few days of this year in Palm Springs where it was chilly yet sunny. We ate, walked, picked oranges and grapefruit, went to the movies, napped (several times!) and slept late. I can’t think of a better way [...]