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March 2013

Target Easter 2013

by Matt on March 28, 2013

Happy Spring, everyone! Here’s a quick image we did for Target last year, currently up in store. Bring on the Easter egg hunt! Thanks to the entire Target team, food stylist Adam C. Pearson and prop stylist David Frid!  


Pie Day

by Matt on March 14, 2013

I’m busy packing for a quick trip to Vermont tomorrow (four words: Maple Syrup Everything, Please!) but in recognition of National Pie Day today I thought I’d post some shots we did last week in the studio. Leftover berries and fruit never go to waste with us! And yea, it’s a galette and not a [...]


Best Job (and drink!) In The World

by Matt on March 9, 2013

By now you might have seen the links and press releases as Australia relaunches its Best Job In The World program. Imaging spending your days in Australia, experiencing the best it has to offer, and actually getting paid for it. But this time there are six slots open, and in a variety of different positions: [...]