Pie Day

I’m busy packing for a quick trip to Vermont tomorrow (four words: Maple Syrup Everything, Please!) but in recognition of National Pie Day today I thought I’d post some shots we did last week in the studio. Leftover berries and fruit never go to waste with us! And yea, it’s a galette and not a pie, although they are pretty much the same in my book.

Fruit For Galette fruit 2 mattbites galette



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    I always love your blog and photos… I am looking into making some pie ideas and noticed how flaky and delicious your gallete / pie crust looks… I was wondering if you shared your recipe for the douogh/crudt anywhere? Joey Munoz / NC

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    Yummy! I have to try making smaller size gallettes, I usually make a larger one (cherry) in my wood fired oven… Are you going to share your dough recipe? Happy travels.

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    Great photos. YUM! I hope you enjoy your trip to Vermont. I am in nearby New Hampshire: maple sugaring going on everywhere.



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    Just got back from a visit to my homestate…Vermont! The neighbors were beginning to tap the trees…and by now they’re probably boiling sap! Enjoy!
    Ask them to boil an egg in the sap for you…my grandmother used to love those!

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    Ooh that looks delicious and very comforting on a windy day here down under.

    I love the free form of the pie – it looks so organic and delicious and healthy….the photography is lovely with earthy tones too. I am feeling a little guilty now after making my moo cupcakes…as I want to eat more dessert now!!!

    Love it

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    i was so bummed i missed out on national pie day! luckily i’ve made up for it and posted my all time favorite lemon meringue pie. your pictures always make me crave the food you’ve posted… thanks. my house is free of berries and galettes. 😉

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    Being basically a carnivore I rarely have room for a sweet course at home and it is only when we go out to eat that I indulge. The problem is that neither of us is any good at pies or cakes, fresh fruit salad is my limit.

    However, looking at your sumptuous photos we are tempted to give it another go, but as a standby will keep a box of ice cream in the freezer.

    Great Site

  8. Kevin says

    Great photos, and those Pies looks absolutely Delicious. I think I’ll try making one this weekend.

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    I have always been a but nervous to make pies.
    I love them but the making of the pastry was always a bit difficult I thought.
    May be worth trying these as you make it sound possible (even for me)
    I’ll let you know how I get on.
    Bookmarked for reference and future pleasant reading as I don’t have time to explore everything right now.

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    Call it a galette, call it a pie, call it whatever you want and i’m in. As a matter of fact, fresh fruit and pastry sounds so good I might even call it breakfast!

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