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Well hello there! While I have not forsaken my traditional portfolio nor this blog (even though yes I admit it’s been quiet around here lately but I’ll share with you the whys soon enough!), I wanted to bring your attention to my new Tumblr blog that — and this is hard for a loud blabbermouth like myself — features only my photography in a new gallery format. I was inspired by my dear friend Kristina Gill, and I’ll be adding new little stories and features regularly. So far it’s filled with some travel stuff and sneak peaks of upcoming cookbooks that I’ve photographed for some amazing people so check it out! And I’ll be back here to this lil blog soon enough with lots and lots of photos and stories.

My new tumblr is here. Thank you!


  1. says

    Matt it’s gorgeous! Such a great layout and of course, your images are amazingly fabulous! I love the pics of Fabio and the afternoon tea ones with those pretty dishes. I remember seeing that on your blog or instagram ages ago and loved it them. Congrats on your new site!

  2. Martha says

    Fantastic. I love the scroll feature! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  3. says

    Didn’t go through the entire lot but if I had to choose a favourite, it is the one with the apples – 3 dark, one red. Image evokes so much (little red riding hood, good and evil, etc). Really scrumptious brain fodder this one 😉 Also just received your photography for food bloggers book (even though I don’t really consider myself a food blogger – not really). I didn’t know that you published until I read a recent post on David Lebovitz.

  4. says

    Matt, I’m so glad there’s another site to witness your beautiful photography. Those images are stunning. I am constantly inspired by your work.

  5. says

    So not only are you a total pro at food photography but you are a pro at portraits, landscapes and everything else, wow! You are amazing and your pictures are just gorgeous! Do you ever teach photography workshops?

  6. quasimime says

    beautiful photography! love the way you see the world. also, i’ve never seen such a great tumblr layout in the past – is it custom?

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