Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly Campaign


Over the past 3 years, I’ve visited 11 countries, over 150 cities, been on the road 326 days (give or take), and covered more than a quarter of a million miles. And in all those days of travel I’ve encountered dozens of hotels, experiencing all sorts of highs and lows along the way.  I’ve even created a mental checklist of things I’d love to see, fix, change or incorporate.

When Marriott Hotels asked if I’d be interested in joining them in participating on their Travel Brilliantly campaign, it took me all of 2 seconds to answer. Anyone who dares to re-imagine the future of travel only needs to ask me once!

So what’s all this about, anyway? Simply stated, Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly is a transformative way for the next generation traveler to inspire, create, and connect, no matter if they’re traveling for work, pleasure, or both (as I often find myself doing). It’s a campaign that reaches their customer where we exist — online and through social media — and introduces us to a brand spanking new website, an updated logo (I love it), and the opportunity to affect change by weighing in and sharing ideas on how we travel and use space.

What excites me most about the Travel Brilliantly campaign is that food has not been forgotten. It’s one of the key aspects of transformation, and Marriott has been taking guests’ insight into dining and incorporating that into their hotels. Personally, I’m super thrilled to experience the Travel Brilliantly campaign through the lens of food.

Of course, they do a much better job explaining their new ideas and campaign and you should head over to Travel Brilliantly to experience it all. On the website you’ll also learn that Marriott is listening; you’ll be able to submit your travel ideas for a chance to travel and work with them.

This week I’ll be heading to San Francisco with Shira Lazar of What’s Trending, Cassandra LaValle of Coco+Kelley, and Stefanie Michaels of Adventure Girl to collaborate with Marriott and one another to re-imagine the future of travel. We’ll all be hosting an activity (mine is food, of course!) that will take us beyond the four walls of a hotel, experiencing brilliant travel in the areas of design, adventure travel, culinary, technology and more. And there’s a party, but more on that soon :)

Of course I’d love it if you came along, you can follow me through Twitter and instagram @MattArmendariz and Facebook and make sure to follow the fun and join the conversation with my other hosts via @Marriott, #TravelBrilliantly.




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