September Food & Wine Magazine

food--wine-magazine-september-128957l3  Well whattdayaknow, there’s me in this month’s Food & Wine magazine and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be included in such great company! A huge thanks to Sara and Food & Wine for the inclusion, I now have something to send to my parents to show them I am actually home every now and again (Thanksgiving is calling you, mom & dad, please come!). Also, such giant happy thanks to Christian May for the interior design of our home( you can see his talent in the breakfast nook shot). More about our home soon, I promise! And about the backyard, just as soon as I stop making pizzas in the wood fired oven EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Working At Jordan Vineyard & Winery

I love traditions. And I especially love traditions when they involve sunshine, expansive views, the wine country and my friends at Jordan Winery. Once again I traveled back up this past week to photograph the many exciting stories and events they’ve been working on that will be featured in their newsletter, Estate Tales. Because I’m not one to spoil any surprises, you’ll have to check the website over the next few months and if you’re in the area you’ll definitely want to take a tour, too.

Over four days I captured over 100 gigs-worth of images (YIKES), ate straight from their garden, shot beautiful food thanks to Chef Todd Knoll, visited with the Jordan team and had my lost-in-the-jungle story outdone by their own resident videographer named Erin.

As I traversed Jordan’s 1,400 acres of property with a laptop and three cameras in tow, it was my iphone that remained nearby the entire time, ready to snap anything and everything. And while I usually do use my iphone for off-the-cuff shooting, I was so happy with the images I was making with my phone that I decided to create this collage for you. Then again, it’s hard to take a bad picture at Jordan, something about those views just make it oh so difficult to do so.

Enjoy the photos, and yes, you are allowed to make a donkey joke at my expense, even though for the first time there’s actually one in the photos. Quit looking at me.






Many thanks to Lisa, Lori, Erin, Todd, Nitsa, John and the entire team at Jordan. A special thanks to Lisa, Damon and Dante! Photos of me standing on top of things like ladders and counters were taken by Lisa and I can hear my mother yelling at me to get down.

(Erin, if you are reading this, please know how bad-ass you are and that my next tattoo will be your portrait)

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