Ringing It In

The images below don’t really apply to anything specifically, they’re just a still life series I did this week and I wanted to share them. Sending you love and well wishes for a fantastically wonderful 2014!









  1. says

    Matt, I am speechless and I got a few tingles seeing your photos! I adore that one with mushrooms and roses! Thank you for sharing! and Happy, Happy New Year !

  2. Mark says

    Great images, well done.
    Still life’s is great training for lighting for all photographers. I wish I was as good as you are.
    What kind of lighting setup do you use?


  3. Matt says

    Thank you so much Mark. For these I just used a big window, I made sure I blocked alot of extra light out with black fabric but it was very simple.

  4. Linda Shapiro says

    These are truly inspiring still lifes, Matt! Love that dark vibe on most of them. Just the kick in the pants I needed to get back to work on still life.

  5. kitchenbeard says

    You remind me I need to get myself down to my very dark garage and figure out how to bounce light around and make it work.

    Also? Your camelias are blooming already??

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