New Column! Ask A Food Photo Question!

Oh you guys, thank you! The response to the announcement about my new book has me smiling like you wouldn’t believe…thank you! The tweets and facebook posts are greatly appreciated and I really do hope you like this book!

September 15th is the big day, but in the meantime I thought I’d kick off a column called “Ask A Food Photo Question”.  Anything stumping you? Struggling with color balance? Want to know how to build a prop library? Post-processing snafus? How do you produce a food shoot? Send it my way! And since I’m not the expert on all things of all things, if I don’t know the answer I will reach out to my network of amazingly talented photographers and get the question answered just for you.

My goal is to answer a few questions in blog posts on a regular basis, so feel free to send your questions to me here and check back. Oh, and if I have any visual examples I’ll include them when appropriate.

I’m all ears!