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Mattbites in Bon Appetit Magazine

by Matt on July 20, 2010

I recently had the honor of taking a few minutes to chat about food photography with the fine folks at Bon Appetit Magazine for a small feature in the August 2010 edition. It’s out on newsstands right now and to say I’m touched and humbled would be the world’s greatest understatement. It’s a wee bit [...]


Behind the Scenes: Good Bite Cookbook

by Matt on June 23, 2010

Well hello there my friends! This week I’ve started a new cookbook project and thought it’d be fun to share a bit of it.  Called Good Bite’s Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy, this cookbook will be published by Wiley & Sons in 2011. My friends at Good Bite and Wiley were cool with me posting [...]


I keep making the joke that I’m slowly becoming the Rona Barrett of food blogging and I think it’s actually becoming a reality much faster than I thought. And you know what? I’m cool with that. A huge reason why I began blogging was to share stories and the personalities behind the food. Interviewing both [...]


A few minutes with Alice Waters

by Matt on April 16, 2010

Alice Waters needs no introduction. And I’m not sure I could even put the words together to describe her even if I tried. She’s a force, a pioneer, a woman so essential to conscious eating and good food that anything I say will only fall short. When my friends at Random House asked if I’d [...]


Matt & Cheese!

by Matt on January 31, 2010

Hey folks!  I’m super excited about this quick little teaser for a new video series project I’m working on with a really incredible production team. In the upcoming video I’ll take you behind the scenes in my studio as I work on some cheese related stuff, check back soon for the complete video. In the [...]


What happens when a certain angel at Columbia Pictures tells you that she’s secured 25 minutes for you with Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Nora Ephron in Beverly Hills before the grand opening of Julie & Julia? Well, you do a small happy dance, check for batteries in your interview recorder, iron a shirt and [...]