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Folks, I’m not sure I’ve ever asked for your help so earnestly (well, except for asking you to look the other way about my cheese and wine consumption, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story). Today, I’m asking if you’ll join me in helping out this Kickstarter. I know I know, it does seem like everyone [...]


I can’t exactly remember when I met Caroline as this whole online food world introduces you to so many people on a regular basis. But I do remember this: instant connection. Bright. Fun. Sharp. All the qualities I love in friends, and the fact that she knows food made it all the better. So when [...]

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Pie Day

by Matt on March 14, 2013

I’m busy packing for a quick trip to Vermont tomorrow (four words: Maple Syrup Everything, Please!) but in recognition of National Pie Day today I thought I’d post some shots we did last week in the studio. Leftover berries and fruit never go to waste with us! And yea, it’s a galette and not a [...]


The end of quite a year!

by Matt on December 30, 2012

No grandiose statement. No recap, no top 10 list. Just a simple wish that 2013 brings you health, happiness, peace and plenty of moments that make life worth living.  I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this blog, it means so very much to me. Now, go relax, make something [...]


Life’s Little Luxuries. With Cheese!

by Matt on May 15, 2012

The post is sponsored by Häagen-Dazs® ice cream, encouraging life’s little luxuries. It’s about taking a step back and enjoying all that’s important and delicious in life. Last week’s post explored ways of celebrating with friends and family. I was overwhelmed with the responses and learned so many great ways to celebrate life’s little luxuries [...]


Dear ever-so-helpful nice gentleman at Cheese Shop at The OC Mart Mix, It is not my intention to take the sandwich you served us and make it my own. No way. But from that first bite it was difficult to get it out of my head. I might even say it’s the perfect sandwich. A [...]


On a Cookbook Assignment in Belize!

by Matt on October 31, 2011

If you follow me on twitter and facebook you might have seen some updates involving a jungle, a camera, a “few” mosquito bites and a cookbook. That’s because I and the  illustrious team of Adam Pearson and Gaby Dalkin headed to Belize to work on a project titled “Flavors Of Belize”. It’s a book about [...]


San Diego and Coastal Living

by Matt on June 28, 2011

Back in January I took a few roadtrips to San Diego in order to photograph a story for the April issue of Coastal Living Magazine. I had to wait a few months until after the story ran to share the outtakes and I’m finally glad I can do so. First, let me tell you something: [...]


Chipaquiles, For Tana C.

by Matt on February 1, 2011

How I spent my afternoon: Making a very rough video. Something about necessity is the mother of invention. Or maybe that’s just potato chips.


Survey Says: A True Story from The Mall

by Matt on December 21, 2010

She was old but sharp and I knew she identified me yards before I even noticed her standing there. With a sweet smile and grey hair, she was the kind of woman just nutty enough to have 3 or 7 cats but sweet enough to make apologies for her behavior. She held her clipboard like [...]