What is this mattbites thing all about?

I began blogging at the end of 2005 as a way to share all the stories and moments I experienced in my 18 years in the food business. As my tagline says, I’m a man obsessed with food, drink and everything inbetween. And while it sounds hokey I must say that blogging has been one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been blessed to have met the most amazing people from all over the world.

Do you accept samples? Can we send you product to blog about?

I will accept samples on occasion. Acceptance of your sample product does not guarantee that I will write about it.

Do you review cookbooks?

Yes. Please contact me or Kristina Gill for cookbook inquiries.

What about sponsorships, joining our network, mutual links, all that jazz?

I’m currently a charter member of Martha’s Circle and am as happy as a clam with her. Email me with questions about sponsorship and advertising if you’re interested. And I do not exchange links as I did away with my blogroll many moons ago.

Do you review restaurants?

While I eat out and travel quite a bit I usually only cover a restaurant as a feature or part of a story and rarely offer a review. It’s not my thing at this time and there are others that do it quite well. I’d be happy to attend your media events if you think there’s a fit, however.

Can I pay you some money to stick a banner on your page?

Um, not really. No.

I’m a publicist and want to send you press releases. Cool?

By all means, please do. I’ll happily read them and if they pertain to anything I do I’ll let you know. But if you accidentally address it to someone else when sending it to me I will poke fun of you. But only in the nicest, sweetest way possible. Kiss kiss!

What blogging platform do you use? Will you look at my portfolio/blog and tell me what I can do to improve it?

I use the Thesis theme and WordPress. My site was designed by me with assistance and coding by Brad Williams of WebDevStudios. I cannot recommend them enough! And while I’m always happy to review your site and photography work I’m not always able to offer immediate feedback.

Previously I was with the great folks at Typepad and if you’re looking for something that will get you blogging in a matter of minutes then please look them up.

Can I intern with you? Come and watch you?

I am currently involved in intern programs with Art Center in Pasadena and Long Beach Community College and all my needs are currently filled. I also teach workshops if you’re interested but at this time I’m unable to accept any new interns or studio guests.

Can you tell me about your photography?

I take pictures of food. I’ve taught some classes about it, mentored some students, written a few posts and done some interviews on blogs and some magazines like PDN. Spend some time on my blog and look around and if you feel compelled you can still email me. I do love discussing photography but please be patient if you are expecting a reply.

Do you teach photo classes? Do you have a book?

I do. Visit my about page and check my schedule for workshops and classes. And I’m currently working on a cookbook, due out in Spring 2011.

I want to be a food photographer and/or a food stylist. Please tell me how you got started, all the tips and tricks, who I can call for advice and how to make a living doing it.

I’m probably not the best person to dole out this advice. I’m a college dropout who is self-taught and I haven’t gone down the most traditional path. However, I’ll be posting something very soon about my experience as well as interviews with others.

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing photography? A career in the food business?

I’d give the same advice to anyone no matter what field: Love what you do, learn constantly, and never ever ever take the easy way out. Remain passionate. Reach out to people and remain open. And for heaven’s sake be courteous and polite. You’ll go farther than you could ever imagine.