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One last thing…I promise

by Matt on December 30, 2011

Wishing you a very happy 2012! PS Yes I realized I cut my eyes off. OUCH!  


Carne Asada Fries. Bong Not Included.

by Matt on April 20, 2009

I love living in California. We pay too much to live here, teeter on the brink of earthquakes and state budget emergencies, and wholeheartedly embrace political correctness as a lifestyle. Not that you could tell what we embrace, on account on those botoxed foreheads and stuff. And this is just Southern California; don’t even get [...]


Catching Dinner in the Bahamas

by Matt on March 16, 2009

Some things to note about this video: 1) I have never edited a video in my entire life. Please go easy on me. 2) Flip Cam + Moving Boat = some choppy filming. 2) Jaden screaming “WORK IT! WORK IT!” is one of the highlights of my ENTIRE trip! 4) Wanna know what we did [...]



by Matt on January 26, 2009

With about 48 hours in my schedule – and a completely insufficient jacket – I headed to Seattle this past weekend to visit my friend Joe and to also attend a dinner party hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Matt & his lovely wife Danika. Oh, the lengths I’ll through for a good party, [...]


A New Site!

by Matt on January 26, 2009

Hey there! If things look a bit different around here it’s not your eyes…this is indeed a new site! I thought it was time for a small update and thanks to my friend Margaret Roach from A Way To Garden and The Sister Project and her power of persuasion I now have a brand new [...]


Winter Citrus

by Matt on January 4, 2009

I know many of you love winter so I shall do my best not to disparage it. However, it’s not my most favorite time of year as I’m a creature of warm weather and open-toed shoes. But if there’s one bright shining spot to the season it’s most definitely citrus. Citrus in any form. When [...]


Will I still have friends after this post?

by Matt on December 9, 2008

Funny how my brain works. Like one time I unlatched a screen from the second story window of our home and jumped out and landed in the bushes. I was three years old. Another time I thought it’d be “cool” to take a black permanent marker to my Donny Osmond doll. But what’s even more [...]



by Matt on December 3, 2008

Growing up there were just some things that this little pudgy boy would not eat. High on the short list of food items, along with sour cream and avocados, was this recipe called Capirotada. No matter how hard they tried I just wouldn’t move past the strange blend of ingredients that went into this Mexican [...]


Dinner For One

by Matt on August 31, 2008

By now you may or not know that my husband (I’ll never get tired of saying that word, more on California Prop 8 later) spends a great deal of time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a job. He and Mr. Smith make things pretty for Food Network packaging and spend time in a big giant beautiful [...]